Instrumentation: perc. and electronics
Duration: 31 minutes
Year of Composition: 2015

About the work:
Pirmasens was created by Zero Crossing in March 2015. The work was commissioned by the city of Pirmasens and premiered on a concert called So klingt Pirmasens (This is how Pirmasens sounds). As part of the commission, the members of Zero Crossing spent several days recording parts of this city in southern Germany, which was once very famous for its shoemakers. The duo visited a cobbler's shop, a shoe factory, a museum, a piano lesson, and the city center, collecting different sonic dimensions that make up life in Pirmasens. These recordings were, then, edited, sliced, and processed to create a variety of virtual instruments which are set in dialogue with the percussion instruments. It is an extensive work, covering many different sonic places and lasting over 30 minutes.

After several intensive days of recording, composing, and practicing, the ensemble premiered the work in the main concert venue of Pirmasens - the Forum Alte Post.

Recording by Zero Crossing in August 2015